For only $18.00 you can get this Australia Things that Sting Presentation Pack. Issued on September 23 2014 with two panes of 6 stamps. One pane about sea species that sting with a brief description label with each stamp; the other pane describes land species that sting with each stamp having a description label. Each pane is enclosed in its own mount that is attach to the presentation pack. The panes can be remove and inspected if needed. The back cover includes more information about the Things that Sting in Australia plus more information about the stamp designers and Photographers. Total inventory at this time is 2.

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Front Cover and Technical Specification

Sea Pane: Stingray, Lion Fish and Stonefish

Land Pane: Wasp, Tiger Snake and Bull Ant

Back Cover: Australia Insects/Animals

Stamp Product order number ID: SMA548
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