For $11.00 you get this Mint Israel Dinosaur Presentation pack. Included in the pack is the stamp pane of 9, detail information about Dinosaurs in Israel and the stamp specification. The stamps were issued on December 5, 2000; and have been assigned Scott numbers: 1421 to 1423 for singles, and 1423a for a strip 3 with labels. They were designed by Tuvia Kurz; and printed by Government Printers using the Offset printing method. Postage value of each stamp is 2.20 shekel. Size of each stamp is 30.8mm x 30.8mm. Names and Scott numbers are listed in the table below:
  • Scott number: 1421 - Struthiomimuses on beach
  • Scott number: 1422 - Struthiomimuses in forest
  • Scott number: 1423 - Struthiomimuses on hill
Note: the pane is protected in a removeable stamp mount on the stamp mount page.

Dinosaurs Pane of Nine

Front Cover and Pane Mount Page

Information and Specification Page
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