For only $40.00 you get this Mars Rover Sojourner $3.00 USD Souvenir Sheet mounted in a 9 5/8 inch x 7 5/8 inch matted pane. The matted pane is enclosed in a 11 5/8 inch by 9 5/8 inch antique gold plastic wood frame with a protective glass cover. Designed by Terry McCaffrey and printed by Stamp Venturers. This souvenir sheet with a header name Mars Pathfinder celebrates the landing of the Mars Rover Sojourner on Mars on July 4th, 1997. The picture shown on the stamp of the Mars Rover Sojourner was taken on Mars.
Position Scott Numbers Country Stamp Set Name & Date Issued
Row 1 3178 United States Mars Pathfinder Souvenir sheet, December 10 1997

Stamp Product order number ID: SMA126
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