For only $29.95 you get this Webster's Geographical Dictionary(third edition) book. It contains important information about political and physical features around the globe. It is a must have for stamp collectors to research hard to identify stamps. Provides you with all of the following and more:
  • The facts you need: Census figures, size, landform description, political divisions, historical notes and other useful facts
  • Worldwide coverage: From the nations of the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe to the microstates of the Pacific, from the rivers of Africa to the deserts of Australia.
  • Maps for states, provinces, and countries: 252 detailed maps prepared by the cartography department of Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Valuable supplements: Tables of U.S. and Canadian national parks and a guide to geographical terms in other languages
  • Unmatched quality: Carefully researched, assured accuracy, Merriam-Webster authority.

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