For only $9.99 you get this Mint Ireland Battle of Kinsale 400th Anniversary Presentation Pack. Included in the presentation pack is a detailed history about the battle, stamps design and specification listing, and Scott numbers: 1320 to 1323 stamp set. The stamps were issued on July 10, 2001. A description of each of the stamps is listed in the table below:
  • Scott number 1320 - 30c Soldier on Horseback (Se-tenant)
  • Scott number 1321 - 30c Soldier in Stream (Se-tenant)
  • Scott number 1322 - 32c Soldiers and Ramparts
  • Scott number 1323 - 45c View of Kinsale
Also included in the presentation pack is a slip over plastic cover and a stamp mount to keep your stamps and presentation pack in excellent condition. Below is a picture of the presentation pack and the information sheets that come with the presentation pack.

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