Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Dinosaurs Joint Issue
Stamp Booklet

For $25 you get the 2 mint souvenir sheets, 10 mint stamps, and a dinosaur 16 page booklet shown in the pictures below, plus a 32" x 23" wall mount dinosaur poster. The actual size of the dinosaur book is 8.5" x 10". A picture of the front page of the booklet is shown in the top picture below. The booklet contains example pictures of many different dinosaurs with a written explanation about each of them (see example pages bottom picture below). The booklet also contains protection mounts for each of the stamp issues, plus a protective durable plastic slip over cover for the booklet itself.

The stamps issued with this booklet are from a joint issue from the countries New Zealand, Australia, and Canadian. Each of their catalogs numbers and year issued is shown in the table below:

Scott Catalog Numbers Country Stamp Set Name & Year Issued
1347a Australia Dinosaurs, October 1993
1498a Canada Dinosaur, October 1993
1184a New Zealand Dinosaurs, October 1993
1180-1184 New Zealand Dinosaurs, October 1993

Stamp Product order number ID: SMA80
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