Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
50th Anniversary Presentation Pack

For only $13.99 you get this Coronation Presentation Pack which includes a block of 10 stamps and assorted pictures of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation with written insights about the coronation; plus assorted pictures of the Crown Jewels with written identification of each piece of the Crown Jewels (see pictures below). The pack also includes a mount for the block of 10 and a slip in plastic cover to protect your presentation pack for years to come. Scott number of the block of 10 is 2136a. The presentation pack was issued on June 2nd, 2003. The names of the stamps in the block of 10 working from (top left to right) and (bottom left to right) are as follows:
  • Scott number: 2127: Aerial view of parade entering circle.
  • Scott number: 2128: Children reading coronation party sign.
  • Scott number: 2129: Queen at coronation.
  • Scott number: 2130: Children at wall of pictures.
  • Scott number: 2131: Queen holding orb and scepter.
  • Scott number: 2132: Children running in street.
  • Scott number: 2133: Royal carriage under arch.
  • Scott number: 2134: Children standing in front of house.
  • Scott number: 2135: Royal carriage.
  • Scott number: 2136: Children at party.

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