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Astronomy Prestige Stamp Book

For only $26.68 you get this Astronomy Prestige Stamp Book named "Across The Universe" A Guide to Outer Space. This book is designed to take you on a journey that starts in our own solar system, and continues through The Milky Way, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Galactic Clusters and ends with the Universe at Large.

The book contains four stamp panes shown in the pictures below and is full of spectacular images and photographs describing and explaining our universe.

The four stamp panes depicted in the picture below contain:

  • Pane 1 (top left) - Constellation Leo stamp pane contains: 4 x 1st English, 4 x 2nd English, 1 x 1st Scottish
  • Pane 2 (bottom left) - Constellation Scorpius features 4 National Space Science Centre stamps originally issued with "Above an Beyond" set in January 2000, later altered to 1st Class NVI stamps
  • Pane 3 (top right) - Constellation Cygnus features 4 x 1st, and 4 x E Machin stamps, plus a label showing Jodrell Bank
  • Pane 4 (bottom right) - Astronomy souvenir sheet
  • Top Middle is the cover of the book with the name across the top.

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