Great Britain
Astronomy Presentation Pack

For only $5.66 you get one Great Britian Astronomy Presentation Pack which includes a four stamp souvenir sheet, inserts and a plastic protective cover. Each stamp in the souvenir sheet has a postage rate of first class. Its Scott number is 2075. It was issued on September 24th, 2002. Inserts included with the presentation pact are shown in the pictures below. The names of the stamps in the souvenir sheet are:
  • Scott number 2075a (top left) Planetary Nebula in Aquila
  • Scott number 2075b (top right) Seyfert 2 galaxy in Pegasus
  • Scott number 2075c (bottom left) Planetary nebula in Norma
  • Scott number 2075d (bottom right) Seyfert 2 galaxy in Circinus

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Stamp Product order number ID: GB4
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