For only $39.99 you can purchase this United States Postal Service Wonders of America 40 stamp pane. Issued May 27, 2006 with 40 different stamps that depict 40 different wonders found in America. Each wonder is described on the back of each stamp and is listed in the table below starting at the top left of pane and working left to right.
  1. Largest Reptile: American Alligator
  2. Highest Sea Cliffs: Moloka'i
  3. Tallest Cactus: Saguaro
  4. Largest Glacier: Bering Glacier
  5. Tallest Dunes: Great Sand Dunes
  6. Largest Estuary: Chesapeake Bay
  7. Largest Cliff Dwelling: Cliff Palace
  8. Deepest Lake: Crater Lake
  9. Largest Land Mammal: American Bison
  10. Longest Reef: Off the Florida Keys
  11. Longest Hiking Trail: Pacific Crest Trail
  12. Tallest Man-made Monument: Gateway Arch
  13. Oldest Mountains: Appalachians
  14. Largest Flower: American Lotus
  15. Largest Lake: Lake Superior
  16. Fastest Land Animal: Pronghom
  17. Oldest Trees: Bristlecone Pines
  18. Tallest Waterfall: Yosemite Falls
  19. Largest Desert: Great Basin
  20. Longest Span: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
  1. Windiest Place: Mount Washington
  2. Largest Canyon: Grand Canyon
  3. Largest Frog: American Bullfrog
  4. Tallest Dam: Oroville Dam
  5. Fastest Bird: Peregrine Falcon
  6. Largest Delta: Mississippi River Delta
  7. Tallest Geyser: Steamboat
  8. Largest National Bridge: Rainbow Bridge
  9. Largest Freshwater Fish: White Sturgeon
  10. Longest Mountain Chain: Rocky Mountains
  11. Tallest Trees: Coast Redwoods
  12. Largest Rodent: American Beaver
  13. Longest River System: Mississippi-Missouri
  14. Rainiest Spot: Mount Wal'ale'ale
  15. Most Active Volcano: Kilauea
  16. Longest Cave: Mammoth Cave
  17. Loudest Animal: Blue Whale
  18. Hottest Spot: Death Valley
  19. Longest Covered Bridge: Cornish-Windsor Bridge
  20. Largest Plant: Quaking Aspen

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