For only $299.99 you can purchase this United States Postal Service(USPS) unused Space Achievement and Exploration Uncut Press Sheet of 5 panes. This is the first and only uncut press sheet with four USPS firsts. Each is described as follows:
  • First uncut press sheet with five panes listed as follows:
    • Space Achievement and Exploration with $11.75 Circular stamp.
    • Exploring the Solar System with five pentagon $1.00 stamps.
    • Escaping the Gravity of the Earth with two $3.20 hologram Stamps.
    • Landing on the Moon with one $11.75 hologram Stamp.
    • Probing the Vastness of Space with six $0.60 Stamps.
  • First Circular stamp
  • First hologram stamps
  • First pentagonal stamps
This is a smart investment that will only go up in value as years past by. From a purchase price of only $38.50, it is now being listed at nearly $300 to 400USD by some dealers. It was issued on July 11, 2000 at Anaheim, CA 92803. Designed by Richard Sheaff. Uncut press sheet size is 20 inches wide by 16 inches in height.

Stamp Product order number ID: SMA347
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