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United Nations Postal Service 2015 Issue
Designed by Rorie Katz

United Nations New York Coin and Flag Issue

United Nations Geneva Coin and Flag Issue

United Nations Vienna Coin and Flag Issue

The United Nations Postal Service will issue 3 new sheets with 24 stamps that have postage values of 49 cents, 0.90 chf and 0.80 Euro named "2015 Coin and Flag Series" on the 6th of February 2015. This makes its the eighth straight year that the United Nations has issued its Coin and Flag series. Each of the sheets represent the coins and flags of Member States of the United Nations. Names of the Member States, their flag and their coin shown above are listed in the tables below:

New York Sheet
Member State Currency Coin Represented
Kiribati Australian Dollar 10 cents
Tonga Tongan pa'snga 2 Seniti
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe dollar Zimbabwe dollars
Angola Angolan Kwanza 1 Kwanza
Costa Rica Costa Rican Colon 10 centimos
Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum 25 chhertum
Democratic Republc of the Congo Congolese franc 1 franc
Liberia Liberian dollar 25 cents

Geneva, Switzerland Sheet
Member State Currency Coin Represented
Vanuatu Vanuatu vatu 10 vatu
Nauru Australian dollar 1 dollar
Mozambique Mozambican metical 50 centavos
Burundi Burundian franc 1 franc
Eritea Eritean nakfa 100 cents
El Salvador Salvadorian colon 1 colon
Turkmenistan Turkmenistani manat 10 Tennesi
Guinea Guinean franc 1 franc

Vienna, Austria Sheet
Member State Currency Coin Represented
Tuvalu Australian dollar 10 cents
Malawi Tongan pa'snga 2 Seniti
Botswana Botswana pula 10 thebe
Uruguay Uruguayan peso 5 Uruguay pesos
Iraq Iraqi dinar 50 dinar
Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome & Principe dobra 250 dobras
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina convertible mark 20 feninga
Somalia Somali shilling 25 shillings

"2015 Coin and Flag" stamps can be purchased in sheets of 8, Folder, and assorted FDCs. The size of each stamp is 30mm x 40mm with a perforation size of 13.33 using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Cartor Security Printing, France using the offset lithography printing process. Quantities of each sheet are listed in the table below:

Postage Value Quantities Sheet Quantities Stamps
49c 38,000 304,000
CHF 0,90 40,000 320,000
Euro 0.80 45,000 360,000

United Nations Coin and Flag Series FDC Stamps

United Nations Coin and Flag Series FDCs

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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