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Switzerland Postal Service 2016 Issue
Designed: Wemako Kommunikation, Ermatingen

Lake Constance

The Switzerland Postal Service has issued 3 new stamps in a strip with a postage value of 0.85 CHF each named "Lake Constance" on May 4th, 2016. This strip of 3 depict a unique lake surrounded by three countries. The stamps depict three beautiful views of the lake and its surroundings. One stamp shows the feet of an individual lay back and enjoying the view. Lake Constance has a wealth of islands and fish. Recently a fisherman caught a huge wels catfish measuring 2.5 meters in length. Experts believe that there are older and larger fish in the depths that measure 3 meters in length and weight more than 100 kilograms. Besides fish, there is a lot of room for watersports and also beautiful views of nature from dust to dawn. The lake consist of three bodies of water that include an upper lake named Obersee, a lower Lake named Untersee and Seerhein which links the first two.

Lake Constance stamps can be purchased as a strip of 3, Assorted blocks, Sheets of 15, Special folder and FDCs. The size of each stamp is 34.7mm x 37.5mm with a sheet size of 134mm x 215mm. They will be printed by Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France using the four colors offset printing process.

Lake Constance FDC

Lake Constance Special Folder

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