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San Marino Postal Service 2016 Issue
Designed: Andy Rementer

Technologic Love

The San Marino Postal Service has issued 3 new stamps with a postage value of 1.60 euro named "Technologic Love" on June 7, 2016. These stamps feature many different technologies and how they are use in relationship between couples. In some cases couples develop love for each other using these technologies. This can lead to long term relationship and even marriage. There are also six seals issued with these stamps that make a nice addition to any friendly or love letter. Each of the stamps and seals are described in the follow tables:

  • Stamps:
  • Top stamp above depict a boy and a girl taking a picture of themselves with a mobile phone
  • Middle stamp above depict a boy greeting a girl who holds a computer in her hands
  • Bottom stamp above depict a boy and girl holding a mobile phone

  • Seals:
  • Top left stamp below depict the words Amore Technologico or Love Technology.
  • Top middle stamp represents a young couple holding together a mobile phone.
  • Top right stamp below depict the writing Ti Amo that was written in a text message.
  • Bottom left stamp below depict a finger pushing a button on a computer.
  • Bottom middle stamp below depict a boy and girl talking to each other with their mobile phones.
  • Bottom left stamp below depict the words: ONLINE DATING.

Technologic Love stamps can be purchased as a sheet of 3 plus 6 seals, and FDC. The size of each stamp is 38mm x 28mm with a stamp perforation size of 12 1/4 x 12 1/4 using the 2cm reference. The seal stamp size is 38mm x 25mm and the Souvenir sheet size is 137mm x 105mm. They were printed by Cartor Security Printing using the 4 color offset printing process. A total of 40,000 souvenir sheets were printed.

Technologic Love Souvenir sheet of 3 value stamps and 6 seals

Technologic Love FDC Stamp

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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