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Royal Mail Postal Service 2015 Issue
Designed by Godfrey Design

Alices Adventures in Wonderland Stamp Set

The Royal Mail Postal Service has issued ten new stamps that have postage values of 2nd class, 1st class, 81p, 1.28 pounds and 1.47 pounds named "Alices Adventures in Wonderland" on the 6th of January 2015. Royal mail has issued these stamps to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's classic book Alices Adventures in Wonderland. The ten new stamps depict the imaginary scenes and characters found in the book. The ten characters and their actions shown on the stamps are listed in the following table:

  • The White Rabbit (Second Class, Top) - Alice is shown in hot pursuit of the White Rabbit
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (Second Class, Bottom) - Alice chases the rabbit down into the rabbit hole
  • Drink Me (First Class, Top) - Alice drinks a potion and shrinks so she can go through a small door in wonderland.
  • White Rabbits House (First Class, Bottom) - Alice grows enormous from drinking from another bottle and is cramped to the rafters. Then she shrinks after she eats a magic cake and escapes from the rabbit house.
  • Cheshire Cat (81p, Top) - tell Alice that everyone in Wonderland is mad and sends her to the Hatter and March Hare.
  • A Mad Tea Party (81p, Bottom) - Alice goes to a tea party with the Hatter, Hare and door mouse.
  • Queen of Hearts (1.28 pounds, Top) - Alice meets Wonderlands most dangerous resident, the murderous Queen of Hearts. Alice is saved from her by the King of Hearts.
  • Game of Croquet (1.28 Pounds, Bottom) - Alice plays a game of croquet where the flamingos are the mallets, the balls are hedgehogs and the hoops are the Queens soldiers.
  • Alice Evidence (1.47 pounds, Top) - Alice give evidence in the trial of Knave of Hearts who is accused of stealing the Queen of Hearts.
  • A Pack of Cards (1.47 pounds, Bottom) - Alice wakes up and fines out that Wonderland is only a dream.

"Alices Adventures in Wonderland" stamps can be purchased as a set of 10, Sheets of 30/60, Presentation Pack, and Stamp Booklet. The size of each stamp is 35mm x 35mm with a perforation size of 14.5 x 14.5 using the 2cm reference. They have been printed by International Security Printers using the Lithography printing process.

Alices Adventures in Wonderland Presentation Pack

Alices Adventures in Wonderland Stamp Book

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