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New Zealand Postal Service 2014 Issue
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1914 For King and Empire

The New Zealand Postal Service has issued 10 new stamps that have postage values of 80 Cents, $2.00 and $2.50 named "1914 For King and Empire" on the 29th of July 2014. This issue is the first issue in a special five year commemorative program. In the years that follow this program will look at the war from a New Zealand perspective. It will depict New Zealand WWI action from the front line to the home front.
At that time the people of New Zealand were eager to enter the war; and they show it at 3pm on the 5th of August 1914 when an audience of 15,000 huddled together in front of the steps of parliament and cheer when Lord Liverpool made the announcement that New Zealand was going to war. Nearly 100,000 New Zealand civilians and soldiers were sent overseas to fight and 18,500 of them did not return. The names of each stamp above is listed below:

  • 80c Lord Kitchener (top left)
  • 80c New Zealand called to prepare (top right)
  • 80c Serving his Country - Melville Mirfin (2nd from top left)
  • 80c Mirfin Family Portrait (2nd from top right)
  • 80c War announce (3rd from top left)
  • 80c Troopships depart (3rd from top right)
  • $2.00 Training camp (4th from top left)
  • $2.00 Home front (4th from top right)
  • $2.50 Letters and stories from Samoa (Bottom left)
  • $2.50 Serving abroad - Egypt (Bottom right)

"1914 For King and Empire" stamps can be purchase as a set of 10 stamps, Sheetlet of 10 stamps, Se-tenant Sets, Sheets of 24, Plate Blocks Sets, Commemorative Booklet and FDCs. The size of each stamp is 36.95mm x 37.5mm with a perforation size of 14.4 x 14.62 using the 2cm reference. The stamps were printed By Southern Colour Print Ltd using the offset lithography printing process with 104gms gummed paper.

1914 For King and Empire FDC

1914 For King and Empire Mini-sheet

1914 For King and Empire Sheets of 24

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