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Guernsey Postal Service 2018 Issue
Designed: Bridget Yabsley

RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron

Guernsey Postal Service has issued six new stamps that have postage values of 46p, 62p, 66p, 76p, 85p and 94p named "RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron" on April 3, 2018. These six stamps shown below depict the No. 1 Squadron of the Royal Naval Service which dates back to 1914. In 1918 it became the No 201 Squadron Of the Royal Air Force. The Squadron nicknamed "Guernsey Own" was the first to fly the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod, which was the first all jet maritime aircraft. The Nimrod MR2 is depicted on the miniature sheet also shown below. The 201 Squadron will be temporally disbanded in 2011 but will be back in 2021 with the new P-8 antisubmarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. The RAF100 logo and the 201 squadron badge depicted on the Miniature sheet, First Day Covers and Sheets are registered trade marks of the Secretary of State for Defense and is being used under license. Each of the stamps is described as follows:

  • 46p stamp - Nimrod MR2P providing Search and Rescue
  • 62p stamp - Sunderland attack on U-boat U440, 1943
  • 66p stamp - London Flying Boat on the First Affiliation Visit, 1939
  • 76p stamp - Major William Barkers VC action, 1918
  • 85p stamp - 1 Squadron RNAS trench strafing, 1917
  • 94p stamp - Flight Sub-Lt Warneford attacking the Zeppelin, 1915
  • Miniature Sheet (3 pounds) - Nimrod MR2 - deep water Anti Submarine and Anti Surface Warfare Jet

RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron stamps can be purchase as a set of 6, Miniature sheet, Sheets of 10, Presentation Pack and assorted FDCs. The size of the stamps is 38mm x 38mm with a perforation size of 13.75 x 14.75 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by Cartor Security Printing using the offset lithography printing process.

RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron

RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron
Miniature Sheet

RAF100:201 (Guernseys Own) Squadron
Sheets of 10

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