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Faroe Islands Postal Service 2014 Issue
Designed by Anker Eli Petersen

70 Years Since D-Day

The Faroe Islands will issue a new stamp that has a postage value of 26Kr named "70 Years Since D-day" on the 24th of September 2014. This new stamp will honor Captain Vilhelm Reinert-Joensen (1891-1949) who was just one of the Faroese men who put his life on the line during WWII. He commanded the enormous troop carrier Edmund B Alexander that delivered 1000 soldiers to St. John's on the 28th of January 1941. The troops were delivered their to build a US military base. Throughout the war he serve in many different naval positions. It was not clear what positions he held during the planning of the invasion of Normandy. But military archives, show that he frequently arrived and departed from ETOUSA's Assault Training headquarters. After the invasion a faroese freighter mate said that Capt. Joensen organized the army tugs at the bridgehead. After the war Vilhelm Reinert-Joensen returned to his original task as master on the main troops carriers. From 1946 to 1949 he was Captain on ships like George E. Goethals, George Washington, General ML Hersey and Greenville Victory which carried US Troops home form Europe and German Prisoners of war back to Germany.

"70 Years Since D-day" stamp can be purchase as a mint single, cancel single, or cancel First Day single. The size of the stamp is 42mm x 23.52mm. It will be printed By Cartor, France, using the Offset printing process. The stamp will have a Faroe Islands postal use for medium letters to other countries.

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