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Faroe Islands Postal Service 2014 Issue
Designed by Erik Christensen, Olavur Fredriksen, and Finleif Mortensen

Faroese Lighthouses Stamps

The Faroe Islands Postal Service has issued three new stamps that have postage values of 14.50, 15.50 and 17.00 KR named "Faroese Lighthouses" on the 28th of April 2014. These three lighthouses are a part of whole network of lighthouses located throughout the Faroe Islands. Lighthouses are needed to protect the ships from running aground and from other dangerous waterways. Each of the lighthouses is listed below with a brief description of where it is placed and how its lights operate:

  • Toftir Lighthouse (17kr) - is placed near the village of Toftir by the entrance of Skalafjorour on Eysturoy. Its lights operate as follows: By the outskirts of Toftir, 1 fixed light which shines white from Eystnes (Eysturoy) west to Flesjarnar(a treacherous skerry between Eysturoy and Streymoy) and towards the area south of Glyvursnes (Streymoy). Then the red to the center of Flesjarnar, green north of Flesjarnar and then white towards Saltnes. The light house is fully automatic.
  • Akraberg Lighthouse (14.50kr) - built on the southern tip of Suouroy this lighthouse is both a hazard avoidance light and sector light with white, red and green lights, depending on the ships position. The lantern flashes 2 times 2 sec. every 20th second. The white light is visible at a distance of 20 nautical mile, while the red and green light can be seen 14 miles away. The lighthouse is now fully automatic
  • Dimun Lighthouse (15.50) - is placed on the small island of Stora Dimun. It has a coastal beacon with white light that flashes every 5 seconds and can be seen at a distance of 6 nautical miles. It is in operation from 15 July to 1 June and is fully automatic.

"Faroese Lighthouses" stamps can be purchase as a set of 3, Sheets of 20, Booklet of six (2 each), and FDC. The size of each stamp is 30mm by 40mm. They were printed by OeSd, Austria using the offset printing process.

Faroese Lighthouses FDC

Faroese Lighthouses Booklet

Faroese Lighthouses Sheets of 20

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