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United State of America, Canada and Australia
2015 Christmas Grand Finale
United States Postal Service Christmas 2015 Stamp Issue

Canada Christmas 2015 Stamp Issue

Australia Christmas 2015 Stamp Issue

It's that time again when postal services around the world issue their new Christmas Stamps. This year we decided to cover two or three different countries a week in our newsletter until Christmas. This week we visit United States of America, Canada and Australia. Each of their 2015 Christmas stamp issues are shown above and some information about them is listed below.

United States Postal Service (USPS) issued 14 new Christmas stamps named "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on October 1 2015, and "Geometric Snowflakes" on October 23, 2015. Charlie Brown stamps were design by Antonio Alcala and the snow flakes stamps were designed by Antonioa Alcala and Leslie Badani. The Charlie Brown stamps feature 10 different stills from the holiday favorite animated movie "A Charlie Brown Christmas" The stamps can be purchase in a booklet of 20 first class forever stamps. The snowflakes stamps depict 4 different snowflakes and can be purchase in a booklet of 20 first class forever stamps. Sorry no specification were available.

Canada Post has issued a new permanent domestic rate stamp named "Christmas Madonna and Child" on 2nd of November 2015. Photographed by Denis Farley and designed by Louise Methe this stamp features a painting done by Adriaen Isenbrandt around 1520. Titled "The Adoration of the magi" it features a nativity scene when Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus welcome the arrival of the magi. The stamp can be purchase in a booklet of 12 and FDC. The size of the stamp is 26.25mm x 32.25mm. It was printed by Canadian Bank Note using the 6 colors Lithography print method. A total of 700,000 were printed.

Australia Post has issued 5 new Christmas stamps named "Christmas 2015" on October 30th, 2015. The religious stamps were designed by Sonia Kretschmar and the secular stamps and product were designed by John White, Australia Post Design Studio. Nativity 65c stamp feature Mary and baby Jesus surrounded by adoring animals. Three kings $2.55 stamp depict the kings giving the Christ Child gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The secular stamps depict a warp gift(65c) and symbolic doves of peace(65c, $1.70). These stamps can be purchased in many different combination which include minisheet, stamp pack, assorted sheetlets, assorted chequebook, assorted booklets, assorted gutters and assorted FDCs. Stamp size is 26mm x 37.5mm with a 14.6 x 13.86 perforation using the 2cm reference. They were printed by MCKeller EGO using the lithography printing process with Tulis Russell assorted s/a paper.

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