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Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Gibraltar Postal Services 2014 Christmas Grand Finale
Liechtenstein Mountain Chapels 2014 Christmas Stamps Issue

Luxembourg 2014 Christmas Stamps Issue

Gibraltar 2014 Christmas Stamps Issue

It's that time again when postal services around the world issue their new Christmas Stamps. This year we decided to cover two or three different countries a week in our newsletter until Christmas. This week we visited Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Gibraltar postal services. Each of their 2014 Christmas stamp issues are shown above and some information about them is listed below.

Liechtenstein issued three new Christmas stamps named "Mountain Chapels" on November 13th, 2014. Design by Erich Beck of Triesenberg. These stamps feature three different mountain chapels of Triesenberg: (1.40 CHF) St Theodulskapelle Masescha Chapel, (1.00 CHF) St. Wendelinskapelle Steg Chapel, and (0.85 CHF) Friedenskapelle Malbun Chapel. The size of each stamp is 38mm x 32mm. They were printed by Gutenberg AG, Schaan using the 5 color offset printing process. Special FM screening and Silver Hot Foil Stamping were also used in the printing process.

Luxembourg issued two new stamps named "Christmas 2014" on 3rd of December 2014. Designed by Linda Bos these stamps depict a fox and a rabbit, and an Owl and mouse living together in harmony. This is the hope that the Christmas spirit projects at us. The size of each stamp is 37mm x 38.08mm. They were printed by Cartor Security Printing S.A., La Loupe (F) using the 4 color offset lithography printing process on flocked paper. Flocked paper has a velvety texture feeling when touch.

Gibraltar issued five new stamps named "Christmas 2014" on November 3rd, 2014. Designed by Stephen Perera these stamps depict part of the work of 33 artists at the St. Bernadette Resource Center in Gibraltar. The size of the stamps is 31.75mm x 31.75mm. They were printed by Cartor Security Printers using the 4 color offset lithography Printing process.

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