United States Postal Service 2002 Issue
Photograph by Sally Andersen-Bruce


United States Postal Service has issued four new Snowmen stamps on the 28th of October 2002 at Houghton Mi 49931. The name of the set is "Holiday:Snowmen." And each of the stamps depict a different type Snowmen with a postage value of 37 cents. Building Snowmen is one of the fun things children like to do in the winter. Rolling up the snow and getting out an old broom, hat, scarf and something to use as buttons, makes a fun decoration in front of any house. It usually brings a smile to any passer by.

The Snowmen stamps can be purchase as a pane of 20, Block of 10, Block of 4, or a First Day Covers. A double sided booklet of 20 and a Coil of 100 are also available. A single stamp size from the pane of 20 is 0.91" x 1.19", and the pane size 5.375" x 5.875". Each stamp format size may vary. The perforations is Diecut and the stamps have a self adhesive gum. The Printing process is gravure using phosphored type paper.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to www.usps.com. Use the Universal currency conversion tool at www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi to convert currency.

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