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United States Postal Services 2013 Issue
Design by Margaret Bauer

Modern Art in America 1913-1931

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has issued a new sheet of 12 self adhesive stamps that have a postage value of forever domestic first class named "Modern Art in America 1913-1931" on the 7th of March 2013. With this sheet the USPS commemorates a dozen modern artists and their works, 100 years after the Armory Show opened in New York in 1913. Each stamp depicts a different artists works that was created between 1912 and 1931. Each artist is listed below with a brief description of his work:

  • Charles Demuth (Top left Row) - a leading watercolorist.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe (Middle left Row) - widely known for her close-up flower paintings.
  • Joseph Stella (Bottom left Row) - Americas first futurist painter.
  • John Marin (Top 2nd Row from left) - was a watercolorist.
  • May Ray (Middle 2nd Row from left) - known for his photography.
  • Gerald Murphy (Bottom 2nd Row from left) - Pop art painter.
  • Stuart Davis (Top 3rd Row from left) - pop art painter.
  • Aaron Douglas (Middle 3rd Row from left) - visual artist.
  • Marcel Duchamp (Bottom 3rd Row from left) - Pop art painter.
  • Marsden Hartley (Right Row Top) - modernist painter.
  • Charles Sheeler (Right Row Middle) - mechanized modern world landscape painter.
  • Arthur Dove (Right Row Bottom) - abstract painter.

"Modern Art in America 1913-1931" stamps can be purchase as sheet of 12, Digital Color Postmark FDC, and Modern Art in America FDC Full Sheet. Sorry! no specification available at this time.

Modern Art in America 1913-1931 Single Stamp FDCs

Modern Art in America 1913-1931 Full Sheet FDC

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