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USPS Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Howard E. Paine

Earthscapes Pane of 15

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has issued a new stamp pane of 15 that has the forever (1st Class) postage value named "Earthscapes" on the 1st of October 2012. This new pane depicts 15 different satellites or photographers in aircraft pictures of the earth. The pictures are broke up into three different categories of earthscapes. They are: natural, agricultural and urban. Details of pictures depicted on each of the stamps is as follows:

  • Natural (top row)
    • 1st stamp - Glaciers and icebergs
    • 2nd stamp - Volcanic Crater
    • 3rd stamp - Geothermal Spring
    • 4th stamp - Early morning fog over Utahs monument valley
    • 5th stamp - Inland Marsh

  • Agricultural (center row)
    • 1st stamp - Salt Evaporation Ponds
    • 2nd stamp - Log rafts on way to sawmill
    • 3rd stamp - pivot irrigation
    • 4th stamp - Cherry Orchard
    • 5th stamp - Cranberry harvest

  • Urban (bottom row)
    • 1st stamp - Residential subdivision
    • 2nd stamp - Barge floating
    • 3rd stamp - Railroad Roundhouse
    • 4th stamp - Skyscraper apartments
    • 5th stamp - Highway interchange

"Earthscapes" stamps specification are not available at this time.

Earthscapes 15 envelope FDC Stamp issue

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