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United States Postal Services 2011 Issue
Designed by Phil Jordan, Falls Church, VA

Mercury Project and MESSENGER Mission

The United States Postal Service will issue a new commemorative se-tenant stamp pair that has a postage value of forever first class named "Mercury Project and MESSENGER Mission" on the 4th of May 2011. This new se-tenant pair depict National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Project Mercury first astronaut Alan Shepard, his spacecraft Freedom 7, and the Redstone launching rocket. The other stamp depict NASA's unmanned MESSENGER mission spacecraft iN orbit around the planet Mercury. A description of each is as follows:

Astronaut Alan Shepard's historic space flight took place on May 5, 1961 on the spacecraft Freedom 7. He was the first man to blast off in a spacecraft from Cape Canaveral and enter into the Earth's orbit. Although Shepard did not orbit the Earth that day, his 15 minute 300 mile flight did bring america into the space age. President John F. Kennedy later declared that america should commit itself to land a man on the moon and return him to Earth.
NASA's unmanned MESSENGER mission was a scientific investigation of the planet Mercury that was launch on August 3,2004. On March 17, 2011 MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to enter into orbit around Mercury. Scientist reported that the mission was a success and the year long orbit of the MESSENGER would disclosed information about the planets geologic history, Magnetic field, structure of its metal-rich core, and possible ice at its poles.

"Mercury Project and MESSENGER Mission" se-tenate pair can be purchased as a pair, Pain of 20, Block of 10, Block of 4 or FDC. The size of each stamp is 39.62mm x 24.89mm . They will be printed by Banknote Corporation of America, Inc./SSP Print using the Offset/Microprint "USPS" printing process. A quantity of 60 million stamps will be printed.

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