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United States Postal Services 2010 Issue
Designed by Ethel Kessler, Bethesda, MD

Hawaiian Rain Forest

The USPS has issued a new commemorative pane of 10 stamps that have a postage value of 44 cents named "Hawaiian Rain Forest" on the 1st of September 2010. The pane depicts twenty four different species in an imaginary scene that could be encountered in the Hawaiian rain forest. Each species and their interactions are appropriate and were recommended by scientists. This is the 12th stamp pane issued in the educational series focusing on the beauty and complexity of major plant and animal communities in the United States. Each of the previous panes and year issued are listed below:

  1. Sonoran Desert (1999)
  2. Pacific Coast Rain Forest (2000)
  3. Great Plains Prairie (2001)
  4. Longleaf Pine Forest (2002)
  5. Arctic Tundra (2003)
  6. Pacific Coral Reef (2004)
  7. Northeast Deciduous Forest (2005)
  8. Southern Florida Wetlands (2006)
  9. Alpine Tundra (2007)
  10. Great Lakes Dunes (2008)
  11. Kelp Forest (2009)

"Hawaiian Rain Forest" stamps can be purchased as a Pane of 10 . The size of the stamps is 39.62mm x 31.12mm, and the size of the pane is 231.78 x 169.86mm. . They will be printed by Banknote Corporation of America using the Offset/Microprint "USPS" Process with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Totol number of stamps printed will be 25 million.

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