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Greetings from America

The United States Postal Service will issued fifty new state greeting stamps on the 4th of April 2002. The name of this stamp issue is "Greetings from America." Each stamp has a colorful postcard picture from the 30s and 40s that depicts the landmarks and recreational activities that make each state special to visit. On the back of each stamp is a special printing that will list the date when the state entered the union, along with the state flower, bird, tree and capital. This stamp pane is bound to be a must have for collectors, so don't miss out.

The stamps can be purchase as a single pane of 50 with plate number, Uncut press sheet, or full pane first day cover. The stamps are self-adhesive and there approximate size is 1.5". wide x 1" in height. Gravure printing process is used.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to www.usps.com. Use the Universal currency conversion tool at www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi to convert currency.

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