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United Nations Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Rorie Katz


Amalfi Coast

The United Nations postal service will issue its sixth World Heritage series of stamp on August 30, 2002. This series consist of six new stamps and 3 booklets depicting some of the most beautiful areas found in Italy. Each stamp postage value and area depicted is as follows:

  • Florence - 37 cents stamp.
  • Amalfi Coast - 70 cents stamp.
  • Pisa - F.s. 0,90 stamp.
  • Aeolian Islands - F.s. 1,30 stamp.
  • Pompeii - 0,51 Euro stamp.
  • Rome - 0,58 Euro stamp.
The stamps can be purchase as a mint single, mint sheet of 20, different FDC combination, and in 3 different Prestige booklets. The size of each stamp is 35 mm x 50 mm, Perforation size is 13, Printing process use is Offset Lithography. The denomination and quantities printed of each is as follows:
  • 37 Cents - 18,250 sheets
  • 70 Cents - 17,250 sheets
  • F.s. 0,90 - 17,750 sheets
  • F.s. 1,30 - 17,750 sheets
  • 0,51 Euro - 20,000 sheets
  • 0,58 Euro - 20,000 sheets

The three prestige booklets contain 24 mint stamps in United States, Swiss or Euro denominations. The U.S. denominated booklet will contain three blocks of four stamps in denominations of 5 cents and three blocks of four stamps with 15-cent denominations. The Swiss and Euro-denominated booklets will follow the same format; however the denominations of the stamps will be F.s. 0,10 and F.s. 0,20 and 0,07 Euro and 0,15 Euro respectively. The booklets measure 172 mm x 92 mm and contain 13 pages of text and 6 pages of four stamps each.

Pisa and Aeolian Islands

Pompeli and Rome

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