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United Nations Postal Service will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with an issue of 6 new stamps and 3 new souvenir sheets on the 18th day of October 2001. The stamps honor a unique organization that is neither a country nor a territory, that is permitted to issue stamps. It is also the only postal authority that issues stamps in three different currencies, namely, United States dollars, Swiss francs, and Austrian schillings. The following are important United Nations Postal Service days to remember .
The United Nations Postal Administration was established by General Assembly resolution 454 (V) of 16 November 1950, when the Secretary-general was authorized to enter into an agreement with the United States Post Office Department. An agreement with the United States postal authorities was reached in 1951. It stipulated that the stamps be denominated in United States currency and used only at UN Headquarters. Similar postal agreements were reached with the Swiss postal authorities on 11 December 1968, and Austrian postal authorities on the 28 June 1979.
The first United Nations stamps were issued in U. S. dollar denominations on United Nations Day, 24 October 1951. The stamps were an immediate success and sold out within days. The first set of stamps issued in Swiss francs was on 4 October 1969, and the first stamps issued in Austrian schillings was on 24 August 1979.
The first airmails issued by the United Nations Postal Service were suppose to be issued on 30th November 1951. However, the three British ships carrying the stamps were not able to unload their goods in New York because of a dock strike. The stamps sailed back to the United Kingdom and the airmails were sent back to New York by air. They finally were issued on the 14th of December 1951.

The 50th United Nations Postal Service stamps can be purchase as singles, Sheet of 20, First Day Covers, or Souvenir sheets. The Souvenir sheets measure 102 mm x 102 mm, or about 4 inches square. The perforated circular stamps on each Souvenir sheet are centered within a perforated square stamp that measures 44 mm, or about 1.75" square. The single stamps measure 30 mm, or about 1.18" square. Perforation size for the Souvenir sheets and stamps is 13.25". About 300,000 of each stamp and 200,000 of each Souvenir sheet will be printed. The printing process used to print the stamps is Offset Lithography.

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