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United Nations Postal Services 2010 Issue
Designed by Stephen Bennett

2010 Indigenous People

The United Nations Postal Service has issued three new mini-sheets with six stamps that have postage values of 44 Cents(New York) 0.65 Euro(Vienna) and 1.30f.s.(Geneva) named "2010 Indigenous People" on the 21st of October 2010. These mini-sheets are being issued to commemorate Indigenous people around the world. Indigenous People inherited and Practices their unique cultures which were develop throughout their people's past. They retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics of their people and live in dominant societies with different cultures. Each mini-sheet depicts six different images of indigenous people throughout the world and are listed below:

New York Mini-sheet (Top left to right, Bottom left to right)

  • Parabolic Earrings, Thailand 2005
  • Princess of Rurutu, French Ploynesia 2000
  • Baby Powder Flower Power, Papua New Guinea 2007
  • Big Blue, French Polynesia 2000
  • Crocodile Kid on Ski Beach, Australia 2003
  • Uncle Max at the Smoke Ceremony, Australia 2003

Vienna Mini-sheet (Top left to right, Bottom left to right)

  • Kahoa! French Polynesia 2000
  • Is it a boy or girl, United Republic of Tanzania 2001
  • Bario Bowlcut, Malaysia 2006
  • Red Ball Fruit, French Polynesia 2000
  • Coca-Cola Kid, Namibia 2002
  • Red Soil, United Republic of Tanzania 2001

Geneva Mini-sheet (Top left to right, Bottom left to right)

  • Joan of Arc, Australia 2003
  • Haji, Brunei 2006
  • Onion Girl, United Republic of Tanzania 2001
  • Red Devil, French Polynesia 2000
  • Goat Lady, United Republic of Tanzania 2003
  • Wilson, French Polynesia 2000

"2010 Indigenous People" mini-sheets can be purchased as Mini-sheets or FDC. The size of the stamp is 30mm x 40mm with a stamp perforation of 13 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by Lowe-Martin Group, Canada using the Offset printing process. A quantity of 55,000 mini-sheets of the 44 Cents and 1.30f.s. will be printed, and a quantity of 65,000 mini-sheets of the 0.65 Euro will be printed.

2010 Indigenous People FDC's

2010 Indigenous People FDC Stamps

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