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United Nations Postal Services 2007 Issue
Design by Slavka Kolesar

Peaceful Visions

United Nations Postal Service has issued six new commemorative stamps with postage values of 39 & 84 Cents, 1.20 & 1.80 Fs, and 0.55 & 1.25 Euros named "Peaceful Visions" on the 1st of June 2007. Each of these colorful stamps depicts a vision of peace and harmony. The artist projects that Peace is a sense of balance of opposites resulting in harmony. Each of the stamps and the artist interpretation is as follows:

  • 39 Cents - depicts a haven of tenderness and nurturing of children. The sun, stars and trees provide the light and warmth as they watch the young ones grow.
  • 84 Cents - depicts a group of women from different nations dancing to the same tune while each is acting out their own common dream
  • 1.20 Fs - depicts a vision of equal distribution of the earth's wealth. The tree generously offers its fruit to everyone.
  • 1.80 Fs - depicts two different racial backgrounds sending out a shared vision of freedom.
  • 0.55 Euro - depicts the human race dancing in planting action around our fertile planet. The figures and trees form two interlocking triangles pointing in opposite directions to suggest a healthy exchange between man and his many neighbors.
  • 1.25 Euro - depicts a man and a women who create a vision of peaceful collaboration that blossoms out into the world around them. He has planted a golden seed into the ground while she watches over its growth and sculpts it into shape in a continuous motion, linking the earth to the sky.

"Peaceful Visions" stamps can be purchased as singles, Sheets of 20, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 30.5mm x 40mm with a 13.0 perforation using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Lowe-Martin Company, Canada using the Offset printing process. Total number of stamps printed will be:

  • 39 Cents - 264,000 Stamps
  • 84 Cents - 214,000 Stamps
  • 1.20 Fs - 156,000 Stamps
  • 1.80 Fs - 156,000 Stamps
  • 0.55 Euro - 200,000 Stamps
  • 1.25 Euro - 200,000 Stamps

Peaceful Visions FDC

Peaceful Visions FDC Stamps

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