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by Atelier Herrmann SGD, Gummenen

Swiss Postal Service will issue a yummy stamp on the 12th day of September 2001, which is Swiss Chocolate Day. The Swiss Post claims that the stamps, and the chocolate bar that comes with the Souvenir Package, will have the following effects on your senses.
You can hear the "snap" of a bar of chocolate being broken into mouthwatering pieces? The sound of a stamp being torn off?
You can see the seductively smooth chocolate surface. That makes it look very tasty.
You smell a heady, bitter-sweet aroma and sensuous smell of chocolate.
The pleasing contours of the bar in your hand. Or touch the stamp's perforations.
Let the chocolate bar melt slowly in your mouth for a enjoyable taste.
This issue can be purchase as a Souvenir Package that comes with a Sheetlet of 15 x 0.90 CHF stamps (shown above), a 100-gr. Swiss Chocolate bar that looks like the stamp sheetlet (shown below), and a 20 page booklet divided into various languages (shown below). The printing process used to print the stamps is offset.

To order your Souvenir Package or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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