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Swiss Postal Service 2003 Issue
Design by Sandra di Salvo, Winterthur


The Swiss Postal Service has issued a new stamp with a postage value of 0.70 CHF named "Braille" on the 6th of March 2003. The stamp is being issued to honor the Swiss National Association of and for the Blind (SNAB). The SNAB was founded in Switzerland in 1903, and its members began to provide services for the blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind and hearing and visually impaired. It now also runs a large specialized library as well as a toy library with sense of touch toys and books. If you look at the above stamp, you see number 70 and some embossed dots. The dots are the secret to how the blind read. Rubbing their fingers over these dots reveals to them the number 70. Below is a sample table of dots and corresponding letters named the Braille alphabet. Each dot represent a letter, number or abbreviation. The distance between the individual dots makes it possible to figure out which dots belong together and constitute a letter. Usually both hands are used to read Braille by touching the dots with the tips of the index fingers. In fast reading, the right hand reads the line to the end, while the left hand is already searching for the beginning of the next line and starting to read when the right hand meets up with it again.

The Braille stamp can be purchased as a single stamp, Block of 4, FDC, Collection sheet, or Sheetlet of 10. Each stamp size measures 33 mm x 28 mm and the sheetlet size is 194 mm x 95 mm. The stamps will be printed by House of Questa, London using the offset + embossing printing process with white stamp paper with luminous fibers and mat gummed. The perforation size will be 14 1/4 X 13 3/4 .

Braille Alphabet

FDC Cancellation Stamp

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