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Switzerland Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Beat Kehrli, Meiringen

NABA Stans 2012 Mini-sheet

The Switzerland Postal Service will issue a new mini-sheet with four stamps that have postage values of 85+45chf and 100+55chf named "NABA STANS 2012" on the 6th of September 2012. This new mini-sheet expressives the excitement of the Swiss post with Switzerlands biggest stamp exhibition, the National Stamp Exhibition (NABA) in Stans. It runs from the 4th to 7th October in the historic village square of Stans. This year the National Stamp Exhibition aims to be a meeting place for the young and old generations. It will not only have stamp programs for the experience stamp collectors. But it will also focus on Young people with a "Youth Day" and a "Youth Weekend", that is designed to encourage youngsters to take an interest in stamps. Will NABA succeed with these new programs? I'm sure of it. But only the future, will tell.

"NABA STANS 2012" stamps can be purchase as a Mini-sheet, Folder, Collection sheet, or assorted FDCs. The size of the mini-sheet is 105mm x 70mm with a perforation size of 12 3/4 using the 2cm reference. Individual stamps sizes are: 1 at 37x70mm, 1 at 68x28mm and 2 at 34x42mm. They will be printed by Carter Security Printing, La Loupe, France, using the offset 4 color printing process with 110gms mat gummed paper.

NABA STANS 2012 First Day cover motif

NABA STANS 2012 FDC stamp and Special Cancellation

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