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Switzerland Postal Services 2009 Issue
Designed by Thomas Kissling, Zurich

Preserve the Glaciers Stamp

Switzerland Postal Service will issue a new stamp with a postage value of 1.00 CHF named "Preserve the Glaciers" on the 5th of March 2009. This new stamp depicts the Morteratsch Glacier which is one of the biggest and best-known ice flows in the Swiss Alps. Reaching its farthest extent in 1850, it has since retreated by about two and a half kilometers. This new stamp issue highlights the shrinkage of the Vadret da Morteratsch over the past 150 years. A special offset/serigraphy printing technique and a special ink (optically variable luminescence) were used in its printing. Depending on the angle of light, the stamp shows the glacier 150 years ago or as it is today. Cause of this glacier shrinkage is due to a 1.5 degree C increase in global temperatures.

"Preserve the Glaciers" stamp can be purchased as a single, Block of 4, Pane of 10, or various FDC's. The size of the stamp is 40mm x 31.5mm with a perforation size of 13 3/4 x 13 1/4 using the 2cm reference. The pane size is 115 x 210mm. It will be printed by Joh. Enschede, Netherlands using the special Offset/Serigraphy printing method with optically variable luminescence ink. Paper will be 100gms with matted gummed.

Preserve the Glaciers FDC Motif and Cancellation Stamp

Preserve the Glaciers Pane of 10

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