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Switzerland Postal Services 2006 Issue
Design by Oskar Weiss


Switzerland Postal Service has issued a new stamp that has a postage value of 85 CHF named "Cocolino" on the 9th of September 2006. The stamp is being issued to promote "Cocolino" the cat that cooks. Created by Oskar Weiss this cat has a agenda to encourage children to discover the pleasures of cooking good food, and having fun preparing and eating meals with others. Cocolino the cat is blue, stands on his hind legs, wears a white chef's hat, and has a fried egg blindfold over his left eye. At the present there are four Cocolino cookery books for kids that inspired thousands of mini-chefs with enthusiasm for stirring and tasting. Throughout Switzerland and Europe Cocolino villages are popping up. In one village Cocolino has a tree house and a real bus that drives around the village. A Cocolino magazine for kids has just been issued that has recipes and many other activities for them to do. There is even talk about nationwide Cocolino cookery courses for children.

"Cocolino" stamps can be purchased as a single, booklet of 10, unstamped cover, Folder, Collection sheet, and FDC. The size of each stamp is 33mm x 28mm with a serpentine cut perforation on four sides. The stamps will be printed by Sprintpak Knoxfield, Vic., Australia using the Offset 5 color Printing process with 220gms self-adhesive stamp paper.

Cocolino FDC and FDC Stamp

Cocolino Booklet

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