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Switzerland Postal Services 2005 Issue
Designed by René Burri

Big things begin with a letter

Switzerland Postal Service has reissued four new stamps with a postage value of 1 CHF each named "Big things begin with a letter" on the 1st of January 2005. Each stamp depicts pictures of people in harmonious situations. The stamps are being reissued to continue to remind people about Post's letter service. Since the introduction of the computer and the internet, e-mails and SMS messages are increasing massively. This has cause a large drop in the number of letters being sent by mail. The Swiss post estimates that the letter rate will continue to drop and expect it to fall 16 percent by 2010. But an annual 2.5 billion letters will still be processed in 2010, and letters will retain their traditional strengths for many years to come. Each stamp has a message printed on it in all four of Switzerland's national languages "Big things begin with a letter". The message is intended to remind people of the qualities of the letter and promote their letter-writing.

"Big things begin with a letter" stamps can be purchased as a set of 4, a booklet of 8, Folder, Collections sheet, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 33mm x 38mm (Incl. label) with a serpentine cut perforation. The stamps will be printed by Joh. Enschedé, Netherlands using the Offset 5 color printing process with white 220 gram per meter square self-adhesive paper.

Big things begin with a letter FDC Motif

Big things begin with a letter FDC Stamp

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