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Design by Gabi Fluck, Massagno and Stephan Brulhart, Windisch Andreas Gisler

Swiss Postal Service will issue four new stamps in honor of the "Pro juventute" foundation on the 20th November 2001. The foundation has launch a campaign that will bring the way children and young people view the world into the public arena. In 1997 Switzerland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Comprising of 54 articles in which children and young people aged between zero and eighteen are perceived as independent personalities, as people with needs, wishes and a will of their own. The law gives children a voice in important matters that affect their lives. For instance, if school grounds are to be redeveloped, children too should have a say and be able to express their creative view of things. And in difficult family decision, like divorce, children have the right to have their opinion taken into account, depending on their age and maturity. The four stamps are listed below:

What's Santa Claus doing - (CHF 0.70 + 35), Santa's had enough of cold winter temperatures, In his bag of presents, he finds a magic yellow pen which he uses to paint a warming sun in the sky. For a while he basks in the heat of summer, until it dawns on him that he's forgotten something vital.
Leopold the Leopard -(CHF 0.70 + 0.35), Leopold, the young leopard, is wakened by the rising sun. Because everybody's still asleep, he decides to visit the sun and climbs right up to the top of the tree. On the way , he meets lots of friends-but not the sun, which is already to high in the sky.
Honey bear - (CHF 0.90 + 0.45) Otto Rosa and Tom are three young wild animals who often play quite loudly. The neighbors gets annoyed at the noise they make and suggests the "children" should take Bear, the factory owner, as their role model. When the children visit Bear in his factory, they find him asleep in his office where he is dreaming of his childhood and remembering how, as a cub he used to career through the village on his scooter, shouting at the top of his voice.
Tom the monkey - (CHF 0.90 + 0.45), On the way to the treetop, Leopoid meets his friend Tom, a young monkey, and tells him how close the sun has been, right at the top of the tree, and that he had even seen the mountain.
The four Swiss Postal Service Pro juventute stamps can be purchase as a single stamp set, sheets of 20, or First Day Cover. The size of the stamps is 28 x 33 mm. The perforation size is 13.25 x 13.5 for each stamp. The printing process for the stamps is offset. The paper used is white with luminous fibers.

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