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Sweden Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Gustav Malmfors

Meeting in Walhalla

Sweden Postal Service will issue a new mini-sheet that contains 2 stamps. Each of the stamps have a postage value of 10 KR. The name of the new mini-sheet is "Meeting in Walhalla" and it will be issued on the 26th of March 2004. The mini-sheet features works of art from Nordic mythology with a background of picture stones from the island of Gotland located outside the east coast of Sweden. The stamp on the left hand side of the mini-sheet depicts a dead rider on his way to Walhalla; and the stamp on the right depicts the female warriors, Valkyries who first welcome and screened the dead warriors before they could stand before the god Odin. It is said that when Odin thought that people had become too many and troublesome. He staged a war using his invisible female Warriors, Valkyries. The human warriors that die in the war would stand before Odin and if Odin thought them brave he would allow them come to Walhalla. The oldest known picture stones were erected sometime in the 5th century BC and the youngest in the 12th century AD. The pictures describe myths and legends and every day life. There are over 400 known pictures stones in Sweden today.

The new mini-sheet is the first part in a series of three Nordic Mythology themes. Other mini-sheets will be issued by Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Aland, Greenland and the Faroes. Each of the mini-sheets issued by these countries will be available in a exclusive folder named "Top of the World". Now available from the Sweden Post Art No. 240906.

"Meeting in Walhalla" mini-sheet can be purchased as a single mini-sheet, Collectors sheet, or FDC. The size of the mini-sheet will be 105mm x 70mm and the size of each stamp will be 31.25mm x 26.60mm. The stamps will be printed by Sweden Post Stamps, Stockholm using one color recess and four color offset printing process.

Meeting in Walhalla FDC

Meeting in Walhalla FDC Stamp

Meeting in Walhalla Collector's Sheet

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