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Sweden Postal Service 2013 Issue
Designed by Norbert Tamas

Tile Stoves Booklet of 5

The Sweden Postal Service has issued a new booklet of 5 stamps with a postage value of 12 SEK each named "Tile Stoves" on the 14th of November 2013. The booklet stamps depict 5 different styles of tile stoves built between the late 1700s and late 1800s. Each of the stoves depicted on the stamps in the booklet are described in the list below:

  • Top Stamp - crest upper piece of a tile stove depicted was manufactured at the end of the 1700s by Rorstrand porcelain factory. It can be found at Hokarangen Manor in Southern Stockholm
  • 2nd from top Left- this tile stove is at the Sturehov Castle located next to Lake Malaren. It was manufactured at the Marieberg porcelain factory.
  • 2nd from top right- green tile stove was manufactured at the end of the 1800s at the Akerlindska tile factory.
  • Bottom Left- round white-glazed tile stove was built in the late 1800s by many different Swedish companies.
  • Bottom Right- is a Marieberg tile stove and is located at Sturehov Castle.

"Tile Stoves" stamps can be purchase in a booklet of 5, Collector sheet, and FDC. The size of the stamps are 62.5mm x 31.75mm and 31.25mm x 38.50mm. They were printed using the offset and recess printing method.

Tile Stoves FDC

Tile Stoves Collector Sheet

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