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Sweden-Thailand Postal Service 2002 Issue
Engraver: Czeslaw Slania & Orginals: Hannu Jarvio

Sweden Booklet Issue

Sweden and Thailand Postal Service have joined together to issue four new Royal Palaces stamps on the 5th of October 2002. Each country will issue two stamps that depict the Stockholm Palace in Stockholm Sweden and the Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand. The Stockholm palace in Sweden is used as a place of work for the Royal Family and for entertaining. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a popular tourist site. It houses the government buildings and is surrounded by walls which were built in 1782. The Sweden issue will have a value of 5 Krona(SEK) and be issued in a booklet and the Thailand issue will have a postage value of 4 Baht and be issued as a sheet.

The Royal Palace stamps from Sweden can be purchase as a mint or canceled booklet, FDC, or Collector's Sheet. The Royal Palace stamps of Thailand can be purchase as a single mint stamp, sheets of 20, FDC, or Collector's Sheet. Each stamp size for Sweden and Thailand is 39.90 mm x 31.25 mm and the Thailand sheet size is 190,00 mm x 187,50 mm. The stamps will be printed at the "Sweden Post Stamps", Sweden. And the Printing process used will be 1 color recess, 4 color offset.


Thailand Sheets

Collector's Sheet

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