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Sweden Postal Services 2010 Issue
Designed by Eva Wilsson

Sweden Castles and Palaces

The Sweden Postal Service has issued five new stamps that have a postage value of 12 KR named "Sweden Castles and Palaces" on the 28th of January 2010. These stamps depict five famous castles located in Sweden. They are visited by tourists from all over the world and span 5 centuries of Swedish history. Each are listed below:

  • Vadstena Castle - architecturally Sweden's most renaissance castle that was built in the 1550's. The main building and tower are surrounded by a moat.
  • Lacko Castle - built in the middle ages and own by Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie. Queen Kristina rebuilt the castle in the middle 1600s in a modern baroque style.
  • Ulriksdals Palace - also own by the De la Gardie family and sold to Queen Hedvig Eleonora in 1669. It was rebuild and expanded towards the end of the century.
  • Sofiero Palace - was a royal out of town residence constructed in the 1860s and expanded with an additional story ten years later. In 1905 the palace was presented to the royal couple Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Margareta.
  • Tjoloholm Castle - the youngest of the castles was built during 1898-1904. It was one of the last large castles to be built in Sweden.

"Sweden Castles and Palaces" stamps can be purchased as a booklet of 5, Souvenir sheet, Collectors sheet, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 31.25mm x 26.6mm for the Lacko and Sofiero, and 62.5 x 27.3 for the Vadstena, Ulrksdal and Tjoloholm. The souvenir sheet is 148mm x 187.5mm with its stamp size 31.25mm x 38mm. They will be printed using the Recess printing process.

Sweden Castles and Palaces FDC and FDC Stamp

Sweden Castles and Palaces Souvenir Sheet

Sweden Castles and Palaces Booklet Pane and Colectors Sheet

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