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Sweden Postal Services 2008 Issue
Design by Moa Hoff

Nordic Mythology Mythical Places Mini-sheet

Sweden Postal Service has issued a new Mini-sheet with 2 stamps with a postage value of 11 KR each named "Nordic Mythology Mythical Places" on the 27th of March 2008. This is the third issue of the Top of the World stamp series which focuses on mythical places. In this issue the Sweden Post takes a journey to Blakulla mountain where witches held their sabbath each Easter with the Devil playing a central role. As depicted on the left stamp of the mini-sheet a witch or women is riding on a goat backwards. The witches perform this act on the sabbath day as a sign of blasphemy and contempt for the normal world. On the right stamp of the mini-sheet the Devil is depicted as a large bat. In the middle ages the church paintings also depicted the devil as a bat. In the 17th century the Swedish court records include examples of women confessing to an association with the power of the devil despite the clear risk of execution. Even now in our present day society many stories are being told about the witches of the middle ages.

"Nordic Mythology Mythical Places" stamps can be purchased as a mini-sheet of 2, Collector's Sheet, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 26.6mm x 31.5mm and the size of the mini-sheet is 105mm x 70mm. They will be printed using one color recess and 4 color offset printing process.

Nordic Mythology Mythical Places Collector's Sheet

Nordic Mythology Mythical Places FDC

Nordic Mythology Mythical Places FDC Stamp

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