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Sweden Postal Services 2007 Issue
Design by Gustay Martensson

Queen Silvia

Sweden Postal Service has issued a new stamp with a postage value of 11 kr named "Queen Silvia" on the 10th of May 2007. The stamp depicts the Queen of Sweden who is extensively involved in humanitarian issues. She establish her own foundation and named it the World Childhood Foundation (WFC). The goal of the WFC is to promote the right of every child to its childhood, and to work for better living conditions for children in danger. Queen Silvia is also an honorary member of the international Mentor Foundation which supports preventive action against drug abuse. She chairs the Silvia-hemmet or Silvia Home for dementia patients. This foundation promotes scientific research and prepares education, training and care in the field of dementia. Queen Silvia is a very active queen in here country. When not working with her foundations. She is actively working with other foundation to help adults and children with disabilities. If you would like to know more about her WWF, goto

"Queen Silvia" stamp can be purchased as a single coil stamp, Collectors Sheet, or FDC. The size of the stamp is 31.3mm x 26.6mm . It will be printed using the 2 color recess printing process.

Queen Silvia FDC

Queen Silvia FDC Stamp

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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