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Sweden Postal Services 2006 Issue
Design by Various Artists Listed

White Winter in Art

Sweden Postal Service has issued four new booklet stamps that have a postage value of 10 KR named "White Winter in Art" on the 9th of November 2006. These new stamps depict the works of four of Sweden most popular artists. Each of these artists is listed below with a brief history.

  • Bourdell's Heracles in Snow (Top Left) - Painted by Prince Eugen in 1931. He was a Swedish prince and the son of Oscar II and Sofia of Nassau. He studied art in Paris and is now considered to be a most prominent landscape painter. His entire collection of art was donated to the Swedish state in 1947 after his death.
  • The Wood Engraving "Lellekalle" (Top Right) - Painted by Sven Ljungberg. He is a highly regarded Swedish artists who painted in his tiny studio- a shed on four wheels that he pushes like a wheelbarrow. His works often depict colorful landscapes and detailed close-ups of flowers.
  • Modification of a Winter Landscape by W. O. Petersen" (Bottom Left) - Painted by Philip von Schantz in 1987. He was a painter who won the hearts of the people during the 1970s with his paintings of berries and fruit in large piles and buckets.
  • Rime Frost on Ice (Bottom Right) - Painted by Gustaf Adolf Fjaestad in 1901. He was already a successful athlete and held the world record in the English mile in ice skating in 1891. He study at the Academy of the Liberal Arts and later studied with the well known Swedish painters Bruno Liljefors and Carl Larsson. He is considered to be gifted at depicting snow, ice and rime frost.

"White Winter in Art" stamps can be purchased as a booklet of 4, Collector's Sheet, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 31.25mm x 32.87mm. Printing method not released.

White Winter in Art FDC

White Winter in Art FDC Stamp

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