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Sweden Postal Services 2006 Issue
Designed by Nina Bondeson

Bewitching Forest Beings

Sweden Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with two stamps that each have a postage value of 10KR named "Bewitching Forest Beings" on the 29th of March 2006. This is a second issue of a three part series. The first issued in 2004 and the third to be issued in 2008. The mini-sheet stamps depict two mythical creatures of Sweden named Skogsraet and Nacken. Skogsraet refer to as the wood nymph was a beautiful women who led men to their destruction. She was very beautiful from the front but from the back she looked like a rotten hollow tree trunk. The men she trick into her bed with the promise of love would be cursed for all eternity. These cursed men would be protected from the curse as long as they treated her with respect. Otherwise they would suffer the agonies of her curse.
The other mythical creature called Nacken was a musician that played the violin in rivers, brooks and other streams. He would create beautiful melodies that were dangerous to others. If a musician played any of Nacken music, the musician would never be able to stop playing. If a dancer was to dance to Nacken music, they would dance until their legs were worn down to stumps. This mini-sheet also shows animals and another mythical creature called the fairy who is dancing in the glades and on trails of the forest.

"Bewitching Forest Beings" stamps can be purchased as a Mini-sheet, Collector's sheet, or FDC. It is also available in the Top of the World Stamps Folder. The size of each stamp is 27.25mm x 22.6mm and the size of the miniature sheet is 105mm x 70mm. The mini-sheet was engraved by Martin Morck and will be printed using a Combination print method.

Bewitching Forest Beings FDC

Bewitching Forest Beings FDC Stamp

Bewitching Forest Beings Collectors Sheet

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