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Sweden Postal Services 2006 Issue
Design by Olof Baldursdottir & Martin Morck

150th Anniversary of Swedish Railroads

Sweden Postal Service will issued six new stamps that have a postage value of 5.5 (booklet) and 10 (coil) SEK named "150th Anniversary of Swedish Railroads" on the 26th of January 2006. The stamps are being issued to celebrate 150 years since the first railroad opened to the general public in Sweden. The stamps depict the trains that have contributed to the development of the railroad in Sweden during the past one and a half centuries. From the Lok A Mallet an old Steam Locomotive to the New Super Fast X-40 the railroads of Sweden have went through their ups and downs. Weathering the 1800s oppositions by Maritime transportation and the 1900s competition from cars, airplanes and busses. The railroads have been able to adapt with the development of New Technologies that provide more efficient services and faster trains.

"150th Anniversary of Swedish Railroads" stamps can be purchased in a booklet of 10 and coil stamp of 1. The size of each stamp is 44.12mm x 26.60mm. The stamps will be printed using the Offset Printing process.

150th Anniversary of Swedish Railroads FDC

150th Anniversary of Swedish Railroads FDC Stamp

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