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Design by Thorsten Fridlizius and Gustav Malmfors

Sweden Postal Service will celebrate Aviation History with an issue of 6 new stamps on the 6th day of October 2001. The stamps feature six planes that made a mark in aviation history. The planes and what they represented in Aviation History are listed below.
Otto Lilienthal 1895 - is a german who made pioneering glide flights at the end of the 19th century.
Royal Swedish Aero Club - a royal Swedish Aero Club formed in the 1900 and is the second oldest flying club in the world.
SAAB J29 - The Barrel, which was at the forefront of aviation technology in the 1950's.

Friedrichshafen FF49 - is a bomber used for mail transports after the war and for passenger traffic.
Ultra-light Trike - a kind of airborne motorcycle.
Douglas DC-3 - one of the first aircraft built for passenger traffic in large numbers.
These Sweden Postal Service stamps can be purchase in a mini-sheet, First Day Cover, or a Collector sheet. The printing process used to print the stamps is 2 color recess, 4 color offset.

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