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Circus Stamps from around the World

Postal Services from all around the world have issued Circus Stamps for postage. Topical circus stamp collectors are constantly on the lookout for new issues to add to their collections. At the present there are hundreds if not thousands of different circus stamps in circulation. But where, and how did this idea about a circus get started? Believe it or not, it all started with a horse trainer who would perform tricks while riding a horse. His name was Philip Astley and he opened a riding school in London in 1768. To train his students and to practice his tricks with horses he built a circle which was later refer to as a Ring. As time went on he added tight-rope dancers, acrobats, and jugglers to enhance his horse tricks. He then opened an Amphitheatre and held his first circus in Paris. During his life time Philip Astley established 19 permanent circus companies.

Show above are many different circus stamps issued by different countries. The FDC shown below was issued by the United States of America in 1993.

Circus Stamps FDC

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