South Africa Postal Services 2004 Issue
Designed by Jerry Lion

UPU Congress 2004

South African Postal Service has issued a new stamp named "UPU Congress" to commemorate the 23rd UPU Congress on the 23rd of September 2004. The Congress is held every five years and it brings together diplomats and postal operators from member countries. This year the Congress will be held in Romania, Bucharest.
The Universal Postal Union was established in 1874 through the treaty of Bern and was first named the General Postal Union until 1878 when it changed its name. If you never heard of the UPU, it is a special agency for the United Nations that sets rules for international mail, exchanges and makes recommendations to stimulate growth in mail volumes. Its main goal is to improve the quality of international mail service and to make postal services accessible, affordable, reliable and secure for all citizens of the world.

"UPU Congress 2004" stamp can be purchased as singles, sheets, or FDC. The size of the stamp is 60mm x 22.86mm with a 14.00 perforation. The stamp will be printed by Southern Color Print, New Zealand using the Offset Lithography printing process. A quantity of 30,000 stamps will be printed with a phosphor 4mm strip on the left and bottom of stamp in L shape.

UPU Congress 2004 Commemorative Envelope

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